On-Site Family Photography

Exceptional family portraits are priceless—they’re also our passion.

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family portrait

Complimentary Professional Portrait Sessions

Each family will receive a complimentary portrait sitting as part of your church directory program. Once they are photographed, families will also receive

  • An 8 x 10 portrait (or portrait coupon)
  • A printed directory

Lifetouch encourages fun and creativity! Families can

  • Bring meaningful items, like instruments and sports equipment
  • Invite others to pose with you at no cost, like extended family or friends
  • Bring their Pets (With your organization's permission

Lifetouch offers complimentary online scheduling that lets you and your members:

  • View all available appointment times
  • Quickly select or change the appointment they want
  • Receive an email confirmation and reminder

Lifetouch is proud of our photography. You'll say, "Wow!"



Family Portrait Packages

Families will love their portraits—and will have the opportunity to purchase portrait gifts, greeting cards, and keepsakes.

Lifetouch's professional photographers will discuss all the options with your families with no pressure to purchase.


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