Lifetouch Church Directory Program offers you and your church families numerous free services. Your consultant will guide you through all of the possible features.

What you get for FREE

Your Church

  • On-site photography: Professional photography sessions for your families.
  • Promotional materials: Get your families excited about your portrait event.
  • Online scheduling: Saves you time and it’s convenient for your families.
  • Help with organizing: We have tools to help you organize your volunteers.
  • Help with creating your Church Directory: We’ll guide you through the steps.
  • Printed Church Directories: All of your photographed families get a copy, plus you receive extra copies for growth and outreach.
  • Premier Choice Products: Your choice of Lifetouch's Mobile Directory or 50 printed Quick Connect Guides; both choices include a FamilyView CD which lets you use your families' images in your internal communications.
  • Update Photography: Include new families in your directory.

Your Families

  • Professional photography session: Every family will appreciate an updated family portrait. No sitting fees.
  • 8x10 family photograph: With the church directory image of their choice.
  • Printed Directory: Put names with faces
  • Additional portraits & collections: Several different sizes and combinations to choose from.
  • Photography products and frames: Several exclusive designs available.
  • Greeting cards: A variety of designs available to choose from.
  • Photography session Image CD: The family's selected images from their session on an archival CD.

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